Right, i'm going to talk about how i was being fake in this blog.
one of the things i forbid myself to do is becoming a follower.
when there's a fashion trend out, i tend to avoid buying or wearing it because i am a bit of a wallflower as it is and becoming part of the crowd doesn't really do me much good.
i try to stand out as much as a shy girl like me is able to. but sometimes, i lose myself along the way, and yes, i tend to become (as it turns out) a follower.
like, how awesome fashion blogger girls are right now, so i tried to make a fashion blog.

but the truth is, i'm not that passionate about fashion. i like it, love it in fact (sometimes). but my true passion is magic. it's a good thing i have the blog url right at least. yup, magic. that's what i'm really going to talk about in this blog from now on (hopefully). but not that voo-doo kind. this is a fairytale kind of magic (at least that's what i had in mind so far). the things i love since i wasn't even able to read yet.

from this day on, i will try to stay true to this blog. but as i said, i like fashion, so it's probably going to turn up occasionally. only, it's not the main idea of this blog.

Thank you for understanding ;)


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