i've forgotten how much i really love art and how i enjoy observing beautiful paintings.
so almost everyone in my grade brought their paintings to school on Tuesday, and i just love all the excitement i had seeing their paintings. they were mostly beautiful, each in a different way.

so, right now, i really feel like going someplace special. someplace beautiful, wondrous and magical. somewhere maybe like... back to Europe.

this post was inspired while i was looking through my 'likes' in my tumblr and saw this painting my friend posted (the friend i'm talking about also painted the Eiffel tower for her art project, she loves Paris). i was unsure about how i felt a few moments ago (i was just thinking), and i came across the post. and i figured out that i actually really want to be free, at least for a day maybe, and experience the exhilarating moments i felt when i was traveling around Europe.

here's the posted painting.

Watercolor + ink on cold-press paper. A3.
The tiny text lines are french and english version of the song “Sous le ciel de Paris” (english: Under Paris sky).The french version is sung by Edith Piaf, english by Andy Williams.

more picture found on tumblr (and a few from, those with Paris feel, or pictures that make me feel as if i were there again :)

Paris girls.
to Paris.


Love all the pictures you put on your blog! Beautiful, inspiring, and... magic! :)

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