to be honest, i was really psyched when given this assignment. we're having final exams, and next week we need to do the experiments (for science subjects), and sports, and paint for our art class. i don't know if the right phrase for it in English is 'practice exam'? i google translated it.

right, anyway in art class, we were told to do two things to pass.
the first one is to bring a three dimensional object to class next Tuesday and paint on it with acrylic paint(i was thinking of bringing a 1 liter plastic bottle and panting vines climbing up around it),
and the second project will be done at home (because there won't be enough time to do both at school). it's to paint anything you want on a 50x60 canvas.
i know it sounds very amateur-ish, but that's what they told us to do.

anyhoo, i was thinking of painting a ballerina tying her shoelace. i had that thought only a few minutes after the assignment was announced. after reading The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 3, the way the author described the thoughts and feelings Lena had while she was painting a figure -the depth of character you could see through painting that particular person, the strokes made defining the person- it just made me want to do something similar, but probably less advanced.

painting a ballerina, i don't know... a ballerina is often seen as the symbol of elegance, precision, beauty, sophistication. and i've always loved ballet, especially their tip-toe shoes. so, i wanted to know, to challenge myself. see if i could bring those definitions onto a piece of cloth. i really want to feel and draw elegance into every stroke :)

and i'm really psyched about it because it's been a long time since i last painted or even drew. i just scribble if i don't have a specific purpose in creating something.

this is currently how i want my painting to look like

"Tying Her Shoe" by Katya Gridneva


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