so i was on my way to piano practice last week, or was it on my way home..
anyway, i was listening to Taylor Swift's 'Back to December' and i was inspired.
i was imagining the music video in my head, and then another image crossed my mind.

here's a little info about me, i think that i am sort of paranoid because most of the time i have an overactive imagination. but it's pretty cool sometimes, i like to make up stories in my head. sometimes i'm the character and so are the people around me, other times i make them up.

back to Back to December (lol). i was inspired. usually i think long and hard when i try to make a fantasy-love story, but this time it was as if the story came to me. i've never created one so effortlessly, and i thought it was one of the most beautiful ones i've created.

but it's not like i publish the story (maybe not yet), it's just kept safely inside a virtual folder.

i'm not about to tell the inspired story, but i am going to post a few inspiring pictures related to Back to December and the story. here you are...


Laura said…
Hi :) I really like this post, I like the pictures especially the Pocahontas one :D You commented on a few of my posts a while ago and I've only just seen them. I just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you and I hope we can talk sometime.

I think I have an overactive imagination too :D

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