here's a quote "Photography is all about light – and you will never be able to stop the sun from shining. Photography as an art form has risen, and it has a very bright future." –Ken Duncan

i like taking photographs. since i thought being in the fashion industry was cool, i decided to like fashion photography. but how can someone decide on what they're passionate about?

i like photography, but not fashion photography. i've recently finished reading The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants series, and Lena, one of the characters, was a talented artist. she was best at drawing/painting figures. so then i realized that i like photography in general, but what i really like is panoramic photography. (i'm not sure if i love it yet)

last year, our (my family and i) friends from Australia gave us a souvenir. a calender of Australian Panoramas by Ken Duncan. there was also 'Australian Geographic' printed on the calender, so of course all the pictures took my breath away. he's a well known photographer after all. but anyway, i think that was the first time that i sort of noticed about my interest on panoramic photographs.

this is the calender i was talking about

there are beautiful photographs in there but this is my favorite photograph from the calender

isn't it just absolutely wondrous? i fell in love with it the first time i laid eyes on it. it's called 'Secret Waterhole, Northern Territory' (well, that's probably the location though, my bad). i secretly wished it was the photograph for June (the month i was born), AND IT WAS! so happy!!

here are a few more photographs of his...

aren't those pictures just breathtaking? i thought each picture represents thousands of unsaid stories, they're just so beautiful and inspirational. another reason why i wish i had a professional camera ;)


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