we meet again. so it's been a while since my last post. and i promised that Alice in Wonderland would be posted in 3 parts.

so for this post's theme, it's Alice Inspired, as titled. i came across a few blog posts, and found them interesting(duh!) well, really lovely and fascinating. i'm not known for a person of many words. i'm working on my vocabulary. English isn't my native tongue anyway.

this is my favorite modern illustration of Alice, so far. done by the talented Mr. Danny Roberts of Igor+Andre

this painting of Alice is actually based on 'Alice: Through the Looking Glass' not 'Alice in Wonderland' but it's still the lovely, slightly mischievous Alice we all love.

and the following image was posted by a young, quirky Indonesian fashion blogger Evita Nuh of The creme de la crop.

oh my goodness, i've just realized that those were the only pictures i planned on posting. wow, i should probably put more thoughts into my following posts. i really want to post a post (haha) right now, so this should be an opportunity on expressing myself with words instead just posting pictures.

How I fell down the Rabbit Hole (how i fell for Alice)
so, Alice in Wonderland. i've watched the 1951 Disney version of Alice since i was a toddler, but it never really stuck to me. then, in middle school, i had this friend who was loud, fun, quirky, and just plain radiant. we just love chatting about random stuff together, everybody loves her. shes my friend, but i must admit i was also a fan of hers. so sometimes, when she likes something, i'd like it too, because.. well, what she liked, i considered cool.

then one day, we started talking about Disney Princesses, how we were brainwashed by those movies since we were babies (in a good way). and then she mentioned that she loves Alice (and the Red Riding Hood, and Emily the Strange), and she asked if i could download a Disney Alice song for her. i downloaded 'Golden Afternoon' and 'In a World of My Own' for her. i also 'liked' those other 2 characters that she's a fan of, but then i started paying more attention to Alice (mostly because the voice of Disney Alice, Ms. Kathryn Beaumont, was also the voice of Disney Wendy in Peter Pan, and i LOVE Peter Pan, but that's a whole other story)

i thought that Alice was a really cool girl (haha). she was just wonderful to get to know, to discover. that blue dress she has on, the black ballet flats, the ribbon in her hair. such a lovely, lovely ladylike character. but then 2010, Tim Burton's version, Almost Alice came out. and that, that was when i really fell in love with Alice. Mia Wasikowska did a fine job portraying this lost, confused, gloomy version of Alice and still be able to have that certain charm that absolutely belonged to Wonderland. wow.

you know what, i thought of saving these images for the 3rd part of the post, but i think they belong to this post. here you go, they're Alice inspired images i found on

one of my favorite Alice scenes, the hallway-with-doors-and-a-Drink-Me-labeled-bottle-on-a-table :)


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