hello lovelies. I've been reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and was just about to start reading "Through the Looking Glass", and all these fantasies, ideas, and imagination began coming to me. I am going to post Alice in Wonderland into 3 parts, this is the 1st part.

Alice is such a naive, highly interesting and curious character. oh, and a little amusing sometimes. And Alice in Wonderland is such a fascinating story, sure i don't understand a few parts, I didn't even get the point in most of the conversations. But that's the fun in all of it, isn't it? i remember being a child, it was exactly like that. Where everything is pointless but you're just there and feeling dreamy and wonderful the whole time, always curious and fascinated.

oh my goodness, i don't think 3 parts would fit all the blabbing i have in store Alice in Wonderland.
so here are a few inspiring Alice pictures...
My Favorites from Alice in Wonderland

A Mad Tea Party

I'm Late, for a very Important Date!

the picture above was done by Danny Roberts (Igor + Andre) for Forever 21

Drink Me. i love those Alice words.

i came across the 'Drink Me, NOT Poison' picture above, while browsing Alice on Google.
And as it turns out, there is a 1933 version of Alice in Wonderland. I'm going to do some researching :)

Drink Me :)

The Chesire Cat is my second favorite character in this story, next to Alice herself


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